Email List Management: Complete Guide for 2021

What Is Email List Management?

Why Is List Management Important?

How List Management Can Help You

  • Maintain healthy relationships with your audience
    The more relevant your offers, the more opportunities you have to build strong long-term relationships with your subscribers. For instance, if your target audience is students, and they have asked you: “please write my paper,” you should send emails related to paper writing.
  • Save resources
    Every marketer’s goal is to send emails to people who will be interested in them at a minimal cost and with minimum effort. When you manage your email list, you can ensure that it only features valid addresses of people who are actually interested in your offers. Thus, you will grow your sender reputation along with your engagement level and minimize bounce rate while increasing the deliverability of your emails.
  • Get more accurate results
    Through analyzing click-through, unsubscribe, and open rates, along with other metrics, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. You won’t be able to rely on these metrics, however, if you don’t have a healthy email list.

How to Build an Email List with Mailbird

Step 1. Choose an Email Service Provider


GMX Mail

Zoho Mail


Tips for Choosing a Service Provider

  • Ease of setup. Check if the chosen provider enables you to set up and configure your account easily. You don’t want to waste your time and effort at the setup stage.
  • Security. Security is an especially important factor you should take into account when choosing an email provider. You should keep your email communication private, so look for services that offer two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption.
  • Custom domain availability. It’s also great if the chosen email provider enables you to use custom domain names so you can come up with domain names that correspond to your brand.
  • Collaboration with other tools. Some providers also offer integration with various useful tools, including email management software, calendars, notes, etc.

Step 2. Create a Business Email Address

  1. Domain name
    Your potential customers should be able to easily identify your domain name. It should be relevant, and it must seamlessly complement your brand.
  2. Format
    Make sure all of your employees use a standard format for their email addresses. For example, their email addresses may consist of their last names and position separated by a period.
  3. Group addresses
    Another good practice is creating group email addresses for departments so you can manage all the emails intended for a certain department from one place.

Step 3. Set Up Your Business Email Address in an Email Client

  1. Download Mailbird.
  2. Add your account in the Accounts tab. You can also add several accounts and connect them to the Unified Inbox.
  3. Configure your account settings. In the Settings menu, you can choose POP or IMAP protocols and adjust notifications.
  4. Create folders for different types of emails. You can do this by clicking on the hamburger menu in the Settings section.
  5. Add the necessary integrations.

Email List Management: Best Practices

Make Your New Contacts Feel Welcome

Avoid Email Surplus

Maintain List Hygiene

Remove Old Contacts

Provide an Easy Unsubscribe Link

Never Buy Lists

Remember the Key Principles of List Management




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