Email Tracking: What, Why, and Top 5 Tools

What Is Email Tracking?

How Does Email Tracking Work?

Why Track an Email?

Save time

Understand the context

Gain unique insight

  • Which subject lines are opened most frequently;
  • The time of day when your emails are opened the most;
  • What days of the week people are opening your emails;
  • How many people, on average, open and read your emails;
  • Whether the recipient opened an attachment you included in an email, and
  • If the links you provide in your emails are valuable and are being clicked.

How to Track an Email

#1. Establish a company policy on tracking emails

#2. Install the email tracking software

#3. Craft the email

#4 — Send the tracked email

Best Email Tracking Tools


  • Compatible for all email addresses and providers.
  • Works for group emails.
  • Personal data stays private (including location, email data, etc). Mailbird only tracks the time when an email is opened. This means you won’t run into any issues with GDPR.


  • The basic version offers unlimited tracked emails for free.
  • Integrates with the official Gmail app.
  • Data is secure and never shared with third parties.
  • Receive notifications when your emails are opened.


  • The basic version of HubSpot sales extension is free.
  • Receive a notification when the recipient opens your email and clicks a link inside.
  • Log customer messages to your CRM straight from Gmail.


  • Helps determine which prospects are your hottest leads;
  • Notification when a prospect opens and reads your email or when they click on a link in the email; and
  • Simple dashboard showing email data on open, click, and reply rates.


  • Integrates directly to Gmail or Outlook;
  • Log all customer communication straight to your Salesforce account; and
  • Sync your Salesforce calendar and contacts seamlessly across devices.

Email Tracking Software Comparison Table




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