Finding and Implementing Work-Life Balance Strategies

Am I Burnt Out?

6 Warning Signs of Burnout and How to Counteract Them

How to Streamline Different Processes and Save Time

  • How well did I do on this task?
  • What helped me achieve a good result (e.g., tools, skills, colleagues)?
  • What prevented me from achieving a good result (e.g., lack of information, distractions)?

Key Factors in Changing Your Routine to Promote a Healthy Work-Life Balance

1. Being Consistent in Your Efforts

  • Write down what your routine consists of;
  • Make sure it’s sustainable (e.g., light exercises instead of a 5-mile run); and
  • Add the routine to your calendar as a recurring reminder.

2. Practicing Time Awareness

  • Use a timer to calculate how much time you need for different types of tasks;
  • Keep note of distractions that made you forget about the timer; and
  • Try the Pomodoro method — splitting work into 25-minute work and 5-minute break increments with a longer break after four pomodoros.

3. Creating Personal Boundaries

  • Separate your workplace from drinks, meals, and leisure, especially if you work from home;
  • If you only use your computer for work, power it off and forget it exists till the next workday; and
  • If you have a client or colleague in another time zone, use the schedule email option to send messages at an appropriate time.

4. Saying No More Often

  • Learn to separate real opportunities from pure FOMO by weighing out the pros and cons and putting your well-being first.
  • If there’s a potentially important event but you have no energy to attend, delegate it to employees or colleagues.
  • Try changing your perspective about saying no — it means being thoughtful about the value of things, instead of assuming you’re being lazy or selfish.

5. Enjoying Yourself

6. Practicing Mindfulness

Final Thoughts



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