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  • Irina Turchanova

    Irina Turchanova

    convinced coffee and tech fan | kind of marketing | easily inspired.

  • Cecilien Dambon

    Cecilien Dambon

  • xuweio


  • Nancy Drew

    Nancy Drew

    Skilled in writing Tech related Content. Sharing my experiences with various services, & built trust with my audience. Contact at —

  • Pavel Nekoranec

    Pavel Nekoranec

    Art Director at Lucid.Berlin, marketing enthusiast with background in social anthropology.

  • Outcrowd


    Инновационное цифровое агентство

  • Dmitry Chekalin

    Dmitry Chekalin

    CEO @ Codica. Entrepreneurship enthusiast. I write about startups, digital products, and software development.

  • Christine Eudy

    Christine Eudy

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