How to Create a Group Email in Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo

What’s the Point of an Email Group?

  • Saved nerves. On the scale of annoyance, repetition is up there. And even if you don’t waste much time typing each address in the To field or resending a message to several addresses, at least you’re not getting annoyed.
  • Fewer errors. Have you ever mistyped an address or added the wrong person? Awkward. On the other hand, using email groups means you avoid typos or leaving someone out.
  • You benefit from features as intended. Email groups make it easier to catch up with specific factions of coworkers, clients, and even your loved ones — email isn’t just for work! You can send invites to events, provide business or product updates, and remind your family about a scheduled Sunday dinner.
  • The productivity of being on top of your email communication. You can send rejected job applicants a standardized, polite note. Just add the candidates who don’t click to a temporary Rejected folder and email everyone at once. Just don’t forget to clean it up regularly.

How Can You Use Email Groups?

  • If you don’t want people to know about other respondents, or there could be a privacy issue otherwise — such as when the group members don’t know about each other and didn’t agree to their email addresses being shared — add the contact group name to the BCC (blind carbon copy) box to conceal all other addresses from other recipients.
  • Otherwise, if you’re using email groups just to save time inputting all the addresses, type the group name into the CC field. Or straight into the To field, if the group is the main recipient.

How to Create an Email Group in Gmail

  • Either select all the contacts you want to add to a group, click on the Manage labels block arrow menu at the top of the screen, and choose Create label, or
  • Click on the Create label button in the left-hand sidebar.
  • choose the group from the Manage labels menu, or
  • drag and drop them to the label in the left-hand sidebar.

How to Create an Email Group in Outlook Webmail

  • add them to a previously created mailing list, or
  • click on New contact list and create a new one.

How to Create an Email Group in Yahoo

Sending an Email to a Group in Yahoo

What about Other Email Services?

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