How to Create an Email Address without a Phone Number

Can You Create an Email Address without a Phone Number?

#1. Creating a Temporary Email Address

  • You want to find out more about a marketing campaign or newsletter but don’t want to give up your real address in case it ends up spamming you with junk.
  • You’re a programmer who needs a unique account for testing purposes, but you don’t want to keep track of them all.
  • You want to sign up for a platform or service but only temporarily.

#2. Registering with a Service That Offers Other Means of Verification

  • Ask you to provide a so-called recovery address (an alternate account where security notifications can be sent)
  • Send you a unique recovery code for future use

The Three Email Services That Don’t Require Your Phone Number


  • Ad-free
  • White-label design for your inbox
  • Custom domains
  • Inbox rules
  • Email aliases
  • Automatic backups
  • Free plan. Allows only a single user with storage capped at 1 GB
  • Premium plan. Allows users to add a different address/user, with a 1 GB storage cap, for only €1 per month; users can also have five aliases, unlimited searches, a custom domain, and support via email.
  • Teams plan. At €4 per month, users can increase the storage to 10 GB and connect additional users for €2 each.


  • Free virtual private network (VPN), ProtonVPN
  • Migration tools
  • Quick filters
  • Custom labels
  • Short domain addresses
  • end-to-end encryption
  • anonymous email account
  • anti-spam and anti-virus protection
  • 2FA authentication
  • Free. Allows users to open a simple, secure email account (limited to 500 MB of storage)
  • Professional. Priced at €6.25 per month and offers the provision to upgrade your email account and safeguard your data; storage space is bumped up to 5 GB, and you gain access to priority support. Users can add and manage multiple user profiles in one account.
  • Visionary. For €24 per month, you get six inboxes with admin tools to manage them all. Storage is bumped up to 20 GB, and you get access to ten ProtonVPN connections in addition to the company’s priority support. Users can also have unique and personalized email addresses.
  • Business. Business accounts start at €6.25 per month; users enjoy additional storage and email accounts. You can also access dedicated support, together with onsite installations, white-labeled themes, and custom integrations.


Why Do You Usually Need a Phone Number When Registering?

  • To check that you’re a real human, not a spammer or a bot
  • You have the two-factor authentication turned on
  • In case you forget your password

Manage All of Your Email Accounts Easily with Mailbird!

What’s Mailbird?

Mailbird Features

  • Email tracking — You can check whether recipients have already opened your emails to make your follow-ups more relevant.
  • Snoozing — You can add a timer to outgoing emails that need to be postponed.
  • Attachment search — Sift through all your email attachments to find the right one using Mailbird’s advanced filters and visual search.
  • In-line reply — Make sure recipients know which bits of an email you’re replying to.
  • Tagging — @ tag email contacts right in an email’s body.




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