How to Filter Emails in Outlook on Both Desktop and the Web App

How to Filter Emails in Outlook

  • Using the search bar. The advanced options allow you to specify the search for specific messages, and then you can perform bulk actions with them if needed.
  • Creating a rule. You can set a rule from the Settings menu and use the filter whenever needed.

Outlook: Desktop or Webmail?

Webmail: Outlook on the Web

MS Outlook for Desktop

Why Do You Need the Filtering Feature in Outlook or Any Other Email Tool?

  • Search for specific messages. If you frequently search for messages from a specific sender (say, your boss) or type of email (e.g., travel plans), using the filter option can separate these emails from the rest.
  • Save searches. If any searches become a regular activity, you can save them and get back to them at any time.
  • Forward emails to folders. You can create a filter rule to recognize specific emails as soon as they come in and send them into a folder. It’s a handy feature for keeping track of important correspondence.
  • Create a unified folder for the email client. Outlook for desktop doesn’t have a unified inbox, but you can imitate it with a filter rule.
  • Filtering out the inbox. No email user is a stranger to receiving bulks of often irrelevant messages in their inboxes. Filtering and deleting them at once saves time on decluttering. This helps you in cleaning email inbox to avoid distraction and read important emails.

How to Filter Emails in Outlook on the Web

How to Filter Emails in the MS Outlook Email Client

Want Easier Search and Filtering Functionality?

What Is Mailbird?

  • Easy email management. You can send and receive emails, manage your contacts and calendars, oversee tasks, and manipulate your email preferences across multiple email providers, all from the same place.
  • Support for different email services. Mailbird supports most email providers, including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook.
  • Support for popular third-party apps. It features integrations with several social media platforms and team collaboration apps, including WhatsApp, Asana, Slack, and Google Hangouts for your video conferencing needs.

Features of Mailbird

  • Email tracking. You can see if and when the recipient of your sent email has opened it.
  • Snoozing email. You don’t want to deal with an email yet? You can snooze it and let the notification come to the top after a specific duration.
  • Attachment search. With this feature, you can search directly for attached files in emails and filter your search results by file size or thumbnail size.
  • In-line reply. Mailbird also offers in-line replies to help you note which messages are yours. This way, there is less confusion, and you can stay on top of the conversation.
  • Tagging. This feature allows you to quickly add a new recipient to a new or existing email conversation.




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