Merge Gmail Accounts: A Guide to Consolidating Google Email in One Inbox

Can You Merge Two Accounts in Gmail? Traditional Methods

  • importing emails and contacts; and
  • setting a forwarding address.

Importing Emails and Contacts

Step 1. Open your primary account

Step 2. Settings

Step 3. Send mail as

Setting Up a Forwarding Address

Step 1. Open a secondary account

Step 2. Settings

Step 3. Set a filter

Why Are These Methods Outdated?

How to Actually Merge Gmail Accounts in a Convenient Way

How to Add a Gmail Account to Mailbird

Step 1. Settings

Step 2. Add account

Step 3. Manage identities

Why Choose Mailbird for Merging Gmail Accounts

Ease of use

  • Left sidebar — holds the navigation between email accounts, attachments, and the integrations menu.
  • Right sidebar — opens integrations so you can use one along with your email.
  • Quick action buttons — appear when you hover over an email in the inbox and allow you to quickly archive, snooze, or delete it.

Unified Inbox

Unified Functionality

  • add;
  • edit;
  • remove;
  • add nested folders; and
  • color-code folders.
  1. Select one or several emails and type the hotkey v to open a drop-down list where you can choose a folder name.
  2. Drag and drop an email into the right folder like you would an ordinary file.
  3. Create a filter and apply an action to the filter — moving emails to a folder.
  • “from:(TEXT)” — view all messages from senders that have TEXT in their name or email address.
  • “TEXT” — view all messages that contain TEXT.
  • “in:FOLDER” — view all messages from a particular folder.

Moving Emails Between Accounts


  • Google Workspace — use Google Drive apps for managing files and documents in the cloud.
  • Asana, Trello, and Todoist — manage tasks while in your inbox, looking at related emails.
  • Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Slack — use popular messengers to communicate with friends and colleagues from the sidebar.
  • Degoo and Dropbox — use cloud storage for sending large files.

Other Features

  • Tagging — you can tag a recipient within an email’s body and the recipient will automatically be added to CCs.
  • In-line replies — you can reply to specific parts of an email.
  • Speed reader — Mailbird can help you read emails and increase your speed of consuming information from emails.
  • Email tracking — Mailbird can track who opened an email and when, so you can check if the recipient is on the same page as you on any matter.




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