Snooze Your Way To Inbox Zero

They say you shouldn’t use the snooze button on your alarm because it messes up your sleep pattern, and who needs a nap right after a full night of rest? You might not need it, but your email could definitely use the downtime.

In this article, we’ll explore why you should snooze emails and how to do it wisely.

What Is Email Snooze?

It’s a function in your inbox that removes an email and sets a timer for the desired duration. Once the time runs out, the email will appear again at the top of your inbox so you can sort it out or snooze it again.

Why Hit the Snooze?

Whether you’re an Inbox Zero advocate or you prefer to keep the emails in your inbox until you have the time to read them properly, using the snooze button is one of the simpler steps to a tidier, more organized email.

Snoozing your emails helps when:

  • You just don’t have the time at the moment. When you get a low-priority email you can’t read at the moment or that day at all, it might be a good idea to snooze the email until you have time for it — especially since you risk forgetting about it if you send it to a different folder, and having unread email hanging around in your inbox irks or distracts you.
  • An email requires a followup within a specific time. With some emails, you’ve read them and taken action, but you need to follow up when the person at the other end of the email has done their bit, for example. You could add that to your calendar, but then again, if you need to reply in a specific email, you’ll have to find it first. A snoozed email will reappear when you need it.
  • It’s a conference, interview, concert, or flight reminder. In this case, you could use snooze on par with a calendar. Say an email has details about the agenda or the desired dress code; you can get those details when it pops up again before the event.

Pitfalls of Snoozing Emails to Be Aware of and Avoid

Some people will say that snoozing email is counterproductive and that it’s a bad habit, but that will only be true if you’re using it haphazardly. Let’s look at the major situations you should avoid.

  • You’re snoozing because you’re procrastinating or avoiding the inevitable. It’s understandable if you’re crumbling under pressure and want to hide every email away from your sight. But that means you need actual rest. Snoozing emails you don’t feel like dealing with doesn’t mean they stop being your responsibility. They will reappear eventually, and you’ll have to handle them.
  • You’re snoozing just to see Inbox Zero sooner. Seeing your inbox empty does give you a sense of accomplishment, but only if the work has been completed. Also, if you’re not mindful of the time you’re postponing an email to, it might pop up when you actually don’t have time for it. So, be reasonable with the time you’re postponing an email to and think carefully about when you can plan a time for snoozed email.

How to Use the Snooze Button Smartly with Mailbird

Mailbird is an awesome email client that has many features to help you with productive email management, including the snooze button.

So, here are a few tips on how to use it right.

Snooze when you definitely can’t take any other action at the moment.

Mailbird has a Quick Action bar where, aside from snoozing, you can star an email, quick reply to it, or move it to another folder. It’s appropriate to snooze if you can’t do anything else about it, like in situations such as these:

  • You might need to check in with your colleagues first before you can reply to the message and archive it.
  • You can’t decide which folder to send it to at the moment.
  • You need more time to deal with the email than you have right now.
  • You use the unified box and it’s a newsletter reserved for your leisure time.

Set the snooze time for when you can definitely read the email.

As mentioned above, you might trip if you’re not careful with selecting the snooze time. Mailbird has preset options such as:

  • Later today can be used for emails that need more time but still need to be dealt with the same day.
  • This evening is a good option for email reserved for personal time.
  • Tomorrow and Tomorrow evening are for emails that can wait a bit longer.
  • This weekend can be used if it’s a personal email or you’re planning to catch up with work on the weekend.
  • Next week is for email you can’t plan for yet.

You can also pick a custom date and time, and this is handy when you need event details an hour in advance or you’ve planned a definite day for catchup work.

Star some emails before snoozing.

Sometimes you’ll get quite a few emails on the same day, and you’ll need to go through each one to recall what you’ve snoozed. You can save yourself some time by starring a particular type of message, such as a task to differentiate it from events or vice versa.

Wrap Up

Email snooze can help you reach Inbox Zero or reduce anxiety from emails that are just hanging out in your inbox without a purpose. But it has to be used for the right reason or you’ll just end up with more work later. So choose the time wisely and snooze away with Mailbird!

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