Whitelisting: What It Is and How to Whitelist Email Senders

What Is a Whitelist?

Whitelist vs. Blacklist

How Do Emails Relate to Whitelisting

The Types: IP Addresses, Emails, and Application Whitelisting

Why You Should Create Email Whitelists

Three Ways to Green-light Email Addresses

  • The recipient adds them to the trusted senders list. This approach often requires creating a rule or filter (depending on your provider) for the email addresses you trust. Then, you would set the filtering option to “Never send to spam.”
  • You apply to a whitelist operated by internet service providers, non-profit organizations, or other parties.
  • Any sender can pay a fee to be included on a commercial safe senders list operated by an internet service provider. The third way is often used by businesses that need to bypass spam filters to communicate with their customers.

How to Whitelist Emails in Gmail and Other Email Providers

How to Whitelist an Email in Gmail

1. Add a sender to contacts.

2. Locate the messages you want to always go to your inbox.

3. Create a whitelist.

How to Whitelist an Email in Outlook

1. Add addresses using the Outlook-provided contacts manager.

2. Curate a safe-senders and recipients list.

3. Check the list of blocked senders.

How to Unblock an Email in Yahoo

Didn’t Cover Your Provider?

Conclusion: Should You Whitelist?



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