You Can No Longer Connect New Email Accounts to as of May 10th

Why Would You Want Multiple Email Accounts?

How This Affects Users Looking to Connect New Accounts

  • Having to read through 31,500+ words a day to find what’s important
    The average worker receives around 126 emails per day, per account. With the ideal max length of copy per email being 125 words, that’s 15,750 words a person is reading through a day. In five business days, that’s more words than the average full novel. (78,750 vs 70,000). If you are responsible for a business, multiply those numbers by 2–5x if you aren’t consolidating your email accounts.
  • Needing to set aside 31+ hours a week to review your inboxes
    3.1 hours a day is the average time a worker spends checking their email. That adds up to 15.5 hours a week or 20 full weeks in a year. Now, multiply those totals by the number of unconnected email accounts you have. That’s a lot of time that you won’t spend growing your business.
  • Dedicating 5% more time year-over-year to email
    Daily email traffic grows at roughly 5% year-over-year. To stay on top of all your daily communications, you’ll need to set aside 5% more time to keep up now that your accounts can no longer be consolidated through

Mailbird: Makes Managing Multiple Email Accounts Easy


Prioritize simplicity and ease

Changing your Outlook on email

How Mailbird Saves You Valuable Time

Mailbird’s Promise to You, The User



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